LITTLE FERRY, NEW JERSEY, November 30, 2004 

Eventide today announced that seasoned Communications industry professional Ethan Sugerman recently joined the company as Q/A engineer for the Communications Division.

"Ethan comes to Eventide with over eight years of experience in test and quality assurance," said Eventide chief technology officer Anthony Agnello. "Ethan will take on the leadership role in ensuring that our Linux-based VR series loggers continue to deliver the reliability and performance that our customers expect from Eventide."

Sugerman joins Eventide after spending eight years with AT&T where he was responsible for test automation, tool development and load testing. He also oversaw the creation and execution of test plans and deployment systems. Sugerman is also experienced with multiple computer languages, applications and database systems.

Sugerman will oversee testing and quality assurance for the VR725, VR615, and VR778, Eventide's newest family of Linux-based digital voice loggers. Communications integrators and administrators increasingly rely on Eventide to deliver reliable products that perform under critical circumstances, and Sugerman will ensure the products perform at their highest level.

"Ethan will be a valuable asset to us with his wealth of experience in addressing the needs of Communications customers," said Eventide Communications Division general manager Gordon Moore. "Customers have another reason to rest assured in the support Eventide delivers."

About Eventide 

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide developed the first digital voice logger in 1989. Eventide has recently introduced the VR725, the latest in its Linux-based, fourth-generation digital voice logger product line. The VR725 joins the VR778 and the VR615 in offering optional front panel control, and it functions as a network server for Windows 2000 or XP workstations. Eventide loggers continue to operate even when your network doesn't. Visit Eventide on the Web at

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