LITTLE FERRY, NEW JERSEY, September 30, 2004 - Sean Beresford has become a recording engineer of choice for artists who seek unique musical effects. Since 1982, Beresford has been exposed to Eventide's audio effects processors, and has since turned to the Eventide® Clockworks Legacy™ plug-ins for Pro Tools on many of his latest sessions.

Beresford, who has recently done work with artists like Vanessa Carlton, Third-Eye Blind, and The Donnas, noted the versatility of the Omnipressor® plug-in was a revelation. "I have seen several hardware versions of this piece in various conditions over the years but never really knew much about it," Beresford said. "Now I use the software version on just about everything. It sounds so good and is so versatile. It can go from extreme drums sounds to subtle vocal compression and just has the sweetest character to it."

"I am a big fan of using a little bit of H910 or H949 Harmonizer plug-ins for vocals," Beresford continued. "I also use them for detuned guitar doubling sounds and the H949 for some wackier octave or swirling sounds. The Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger speak for themselves and are highly useful for guitars, keys, drums, vocals, you name it."

The Clockworks Legacy bundle features digital versions of the first five effects processors originated by Eventide for Pro Tools TDM: the Omnipressor®, modeled after the legendary hardware processor, is a compressor with an attitude and uniquely allows compression above threshold and expansion below; the Instant Phaser™, based on the world's first phaser; and the Instant Flanger™, a dedicated flanger featuring modulation sources, like input level, LFO or manual sweep which can be blended together. Also included are the H910, Eventide's first Harmonizer® effects processor, which is widely used for micro pitch shifting, good for thickening tracks, and the H949 which offers pitch shifting, delay, and a unique randomizer. The H949 is particularly useful for processing guitars and other instruments. The original was widely utilized by many top engineers and performers, including a young Jimmy Page, who adopted an H949, the only piece of digital gear to grace his rig.

According to Beresford, Eventide's re-creation of its classic hardware products into software is quite useful for today's desktop production environment. "I have become somewhat of a 'do everything inside the computer' kind of guy and was ecstatic to learn that Eventide had reproduced these classic effects in a software environment," Beresford said. "This allows me to be able to afford my own recording system and do much of my work at home without the need for a big, expensive mix room."

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