In an application demonstrating the authenticity and versatility of Eventide's Clockworks Legacy™ plug-ins, mixer/producer Bassy Bob Brockmann is currently using the Pro-Tools plug-in bundle at his NuMedia NY studios and for Flatbush Records, his record label. According to Brockmann, the Clockworks Legacy plug-ins for Pro-Tools are essential tools, which provide producers and mixers access to the familiar Eventide palette of sounds with all the convenience of working within Pro Tools.

"Eventide did an amazing job at achieving the feel, look, and most important, the sound of the classic Eventide hardware boxes," Brockmann said. "This is a welcome addition to the already robust collection of effects processors from Eventide, especially considering how much of music is being produced these days in a digital audio workstation format."

Brockmann and partner Yaron Fuchs are the co-owners of the NuMedia NY Studios and Flatbush Records. Responsible for the majority of hands-on mixing, Brockman has used all five Clockworks Legacy plug-ins for work on four developing new artists, Rahzel, a world famous "beat-boxer" who has been featured with The Roots and Erikah Badu; Anwar Supastar, an MC from the school of NAS and Jay-Z; GTO, a young singer who draws on hip hop beats and socially conscious lyrics; and Maya Azucena, a singer who is burning up clubs and airwaves in New York City.

"I think that the programmability of the plug-ins is their most exciting feature," Brockmann said. "The hardware versions were always great sounding but you couldn't automate them, and with the plug-in versions I am able to modify the sounds in real time to keep them fluid and interesting." The Clockworks Legacy bundle includes, the H910 modeled after Eventide's first Harmonizer® effects processor; the Instant Phaser™, recreated from Eventides first analog phaser; the H949 Harmonizer pitch changer with delay which incorporated a randomizer; as well as the Instant Flanger™; and the Omnipressor®, a compressor/expander with an attitude; all of which are faithfully recreated as plug-ins for Pro Tools TDM.

According to Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing, Eventide, Brockmann's use of the Eventide Clockworks Legacy plug-ins validates the timeless quality of these vintage Eventide effects. "We noticed an Omnipressor, which sold on Ebay for over $1200 a few weeks ago." Maxwell states, "Bassy Bob used the original hardware as a young engineer. It is gratifying to see Clockworks Legacy plug-ins being used by the creative guys at NuMedia who are using our plug-ins for new colors on cutting edge music."

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