Plugin Compatibility, Upgrade and iLok FAQ

Current Clockworks Legacy Version is 1.20.
If you are experiencing any difficulty, be sure to upgrade!

Current version Software compatibility:

For Mac OS9,our plug-ins are compatible with ProTools 5.1.3 (Mix Hardware) and ProTools 5.3.1 (HD Hardware).
For OSX, we are compatible with all versions of
ProTools 6 for Mix, HD, and Accel.

Q:  Are the Eventide Clockworks Legacy plug-ins compatible with the Digidesign HD|Accel cards?
A:  Yes, Clockworks Legacy v1.11 or higher is Accel compatable.

Q:  Are the Eventide Clockworks Legacy plug-ins compatible with G5 systems and/or Panther?
A:  Yes, version 1.12 of Clockworks Legacy is compatible.  If you are running an earlier version, please download the most recent version.

Q: I upgraded my Mac to OSX Tiger v 10.4 or higher and my plug-ins no longer authorize or show up in my plug-ins list, what is happening?
You must download the latest versions of all Eventide plug-ins that you own. These are wrapped with the latest version of Interlok which is approved for Tiger.

  Is there a Windows version available?
A:  YES!  You can download the installer here. (20MB file)

Q:  Are your plug-ins compatible with other software?
A:  Please refer to this compatibility table for more information.

Q:  I am experiencing crashes during startup or instability when using Clockworks Legacy plug-ins with a G5 and/or Panther.  What is the solution?
A:  Versions earlier than 1.12 are not compatable with Panther and/or G5.  Please download the latest version.

Q:  When will you have ProTools 7.0 compatibility?

A: All current versions of Eventide plug-ins are already compatible with ProTools 7.0.

Q:  After a DSP shuffle occurs, my Clockworks Legacy plug-ins sound like they have returned to their default settings, even though the parameters appear correctly in the plug-in window.  Is this a bug?
A:  This is a known issue that has been resolved in Clockworks Legacy v1.11 and higher.  Please download and install the most recent version.

Q:  Is the H949 Harmonizer in the MassivePack promotion the same as the H949 Harmonizer in the Clockworks Legacy bundle?
A:  The plug-ins themselves are functionally identical and are recognized by Pro Tools as the same plug-in.  However, the installer, the plug-in file itself, and the iLok authorization are NOT the same.  If you are a MassivePack owner, you must use the "H949 Harmonizer" installer, which installs a plug-in named "H949 Harmonizer Promo" in your plug-ins folder. If you are a Clockworks Legacy owner, you must run the "Clockworks Legacy" installer, which installs a plug-in named "H949 Harmonizer"

Q:  When Pro Tools launches I get a message informing me that I do not have an authorization for the H949 Harmonizer plug-in, although I know I have a valid authorization in my iLok. What's wrong?
A:  Most likely you have installed the incorrect variant of the H949 Harmonizer.  If you purchased the H949 Harmonizer as part of the Digidesign MassivePack promotion, you should have a plug-in named "H949 Harmonizer Promo" in your plug-ins folder.  If you purchased the entire Clockworks Legacy bundle, you should have a plug-in named "H949 Harmonizer".  To resolve the problem, please remove the incorrect plug-in and run the appropriate installer - either "Clockworks Legacy" or "H949 Harmonizer," depending upon which authorization you have.

Q:  I recently purchased a new computer and transferred my Eventide plug-ins to the new system by copying them from the plug-ins folder.  Now they are not recognized by Pro Tools.  Why?
A:  You must use the installer application to install Eventide plug-ins on a new system.  Simply copying the plug-ins from one computer to another will not work.

Q:  Where can I download updates to the Clockworks Legacy bundle?
A:  The most recent Clockworks Legacy installer can be downloaded here.

Q:  Where can I download updates to the H949 Harmonizer included in the Digidesign MassivePack promotion?
A:  This installer must be downloaded from the Digidesign website, which has the most recent version.

Q:  My iLok has been lost, stolen, or damaged.  How can I replace my authorization?
A:  This is really two questions.  If you think of your software as a physical object that resides in the iLok, the answer won't be too much of a surprise.  For a lost or stolen iLok, we cannot replace or swap the authorization from a missing iLok into a new one.  If you have insured your iLok just as you probably have your other studio equipment, you can make a claim to your insurance company for the value of all the software that has gone missing.  Hopefully they will understand that the replacement value greatly exceeds the cost of the lost iLok itself.  For a damaged iLok, Pace (the iLok manufacturer) has an insurance program whereby for a modest annual premium they will replace your authorizations.  (Eventide is in no way involved with this program.)

This page created 11 December 2003
This page updated 01 April 2005