Eventide Reverb Plug In Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Eventide Reverb?
A: Reverb brings the best of Eventide's reverb algorithms from the DSP4000, Eclipse(tm), and Orville(tm) hardware boxes to Pro ToolsŪ TDM.  Offering the complete range, Reverb allows you to create anything from tiny spaces to outer spaces with just a few mouse moves.  Pre and post parametric equalizers, a high-quality compressor, dual delays, and a bit reducer give you unprecedented sonic flexibility.  An easy-to-use interface stays out of the way of creativity while the unique Snapshot feature provides one-click recall of the entire plug-in.  Simply the best of the best, these reverbs are derived from Eventide's top-of-the-line hardware processors used by engineers and producers worldwide on top recording projects.

Q: On what DAW platforms will Reverb be available?
A: Reverb will be available for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD and HD ACCEL cards, Version 5 and 6.  (It does not function on MIX.)

Q: I recently upgraded my MAC to OSX ("Panther"). Must I upgrade my Eventide Plug-in?
A: No upgrade is necessary. It is fully compatible with this OS version out of the box.

Q: I upgraded my Mac to OSX Tiger v 10.4 or higher and my plug-ins no longer authorize or show up in my plug-ins list, what is happening?
You must download the latest versions of all Eventide plug-ins that you own. These are wrapped with the latest version of Interlok which is approved for Tiger.

Q: What operating systems are supported?
A: Macintosh OS9.2.2 and OSX2.4 and greater.

Q: How much is Reverb?  Is it available in a bundle?
A: It is available for $695 US Retail. It is not available in a bundle at this time.

Q: When is it available?
A: Shipping in January, 2004.

Q: Is there a demo?
A: Yes!

Q: My Reverb demo has expired. Is there a way for me to remove the demo authorization from my iLok key?
A: No. The implementation of demo authorizations in the iLok limits each to a single demo period, per product, per iLok, and per computer. Once a product demo has expired on either a specific iLok or a specific computer, no further demos are allowed using either that iLok or that computer.  However, you can purchase the plug-in from your authorized Eventide dealer and reauthorize the demo to a fully authorized version. 

Q: Will it be available for MAS (MOTU), RTAS (Digidesign Mbox, 001, and 002) , DirectX (Cakewalk) , VST (Steinberg) or other platforms?
A: We have chosen Digidesign TDM (HD and ACCEL) exclusively for our current development; no other platforms are supported at this time.

Q: How many instances per TDM chip?
A: One.

Q: What sampling rates are supported?
A: 44.1/48kHz and 88.2/96kHz (HD|ACCEL only).

Q: Does it support MIDI and automation?
A: Yes.

Q:  Is it compatible with the new Digidesign D-Control and Command8 Control surfaces?
A:  Yes, version 1.10 of the Reverb plug-in is fully compatible with D-Control and Command8.  On the Mac, ProTools 6.7 or higher is required for D-Control.

Q: When using the Eventide plug-in within Emagic Logic, the effect cannot be heard until I click the Bypass button twice.
A: This has been fixed in version 1.10 and higher.

Q: When closing the Reverb plug-in window in emagic Logic, a DAE error code is returned.
A: This has been fixed in Reverb v1.10 and higher.  Note that although this error message appears in Reverb v1.00, it does not appear to cause any real problems.

Q: Does this plug-in utilize Eventide's latest reverb technology like those found in the Orville(TM)?
A: Yes.

Q: How is Reverb sold?
A: It is sold exclusively through authorized Eventide dealers and includes a single authorization card for use with iLok.

Q: Do I need a Pace iLok dongle to use Reverb?
A: Yes. They come with your Digidesign system but may also be purchased separately from Sweetwater Sound http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/iLok/ or www.digidesign.com. This is proven technology that enables your authorizations to be portable and is very simple to use. For more information: http://www.ilok.com/.

Q: What happens if my iLok is lost or stolen?
A: As a safety measure we recommend that you purchase the "Zero Down Time" immediate replacement insurance for $30 from iLok.com.  Click on the BUY tab and the Zero Downtime link.  Eventide is not responsible for lost or stolen iLoks.

Q:  Using Logic 6 as the frontend software there is a bug with the REVERB plug-in:  Everytime I try to close the Reverb-edit-window I get the message "TDM-Error -7053" while trying to close Plug-In window. The problem doesn't occur with ProTools.
A: This is a known bug, which will be fixed for V1.10.  This error does not cause any real problems.

This page updated 09 June 2005