Eventide Octavox(TM) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Octavox?
A: Octavox features eight voices of time-based diatonic pitch shifting for Pro Tools(TM) TDM systems.  The unique Notation Grid(TM) allows you to create harmonies and complex musical sequences by dragging notes in a graphic "notation meets step sequencer" window.  Micro pitch shifting is also possible for lush detune effects and vocal thickening.

Q: On what DAW platforms will these be available?
A: Octavox will be available for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD and HD ACCEL cards, Version 5 and 6.  (It does not function on MIX.)

Q: I recently upgraded my MAC to OSX ("Panther").  Must I upgrade my Eventide Plug-in?
A: No upgrade is necessary.  It is fully compatible with this OS version out of the box.

Q: I upgraded my Mac to OSX Tiger v 10.4 or higher and my plug-ins no longer authorize or show up in my plug-ins list, what is happening?
You must download the latest versions of all Eventide plug-ins that you own. These are wrapped with the latest version of Interlok which is approved for Tiger.

Q: What operating systems are supported?
A: Macintosh OS9.2.2 and OSX2.4 and greater.

Q: How much is Octavox?  Is it available in a bundle?
A: It is available for$595 US Retail.  It is not available in a bundle at this time.

Q: When is it available?
A: Now

Q: Can I get a demo?
A: Yes!

Q: My Octavox demo has expired.  Is there a way for me to remove the demo authorization from my iLok key?
A: No. The implementation of demo authorizations in the iLok limits each to a single demo period, per product, per iLok, and per computer.  Once a product demo has expired on either a specific iLok or a specific computer, no further demos are allowed using either that iLok or that computer.  However, you can purchase the plug-in from your authorized Eventide dealer and reauthorize the demo to a fully authorized version.

Q: Will it be available for MAS (MOTU), RTAS (Digidesign Mbox, 001, and 002), DirectX (Cakewalk), VST (Steinberg) or other platforms?
A: We have chosen Digidesign TDM (HD and ACCEL) exclusively for our current development; no other platforms are supported at this time.

Q: How many instances per TDM chip?
A: One.

Q: What sampling rates are supported?
A: 44.1/48kHz and 88.2/96kHz (Accel only)

Q: Does it support MIDI and automation?
A: Yes.

Q:  Is it compatible with the new Digidesign D-Control and Command8 Control surfaces?
A:  Yes, version 1.10 of the Octavox plug-in is fully compatible with D-Control and Command8.  On the Mac, ProTools 6.7 or higher is required for D-Control.

Q: When using the Eventide plug-in within Emagic Logic, the effect cannot be heard until I click the Bypass button twice.
A: This has been fixed in version 1.10 and higher.

Q: Do these plug-ins utilize Eventide's latest pitch shifting technology such as the UltraShifter(tm) technology found in the Orville(tm)?A: Octavox utilizes our state of the art time-based pitch shifting as found in the Orville processor.  Ultrashifter is our formant preserving pitch shifter optimized for voice and is not included in this plug-in.

Q: What is diatonic harmonization?
A: Diatonic harmonization is the ability to produce intervals that are properly voiced for a given key and scale.

Q: How is Octavox sold?
A: It is sold exclusively through authorized Eventide dealers and includes a single authorization card for use with iLok.

Q: Do I need a Pace iLok dongle to use Clockworks Legacy?
A: Yes. They come with your Digidesign system but may also be purchased separately from Sweetwater Sound http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/iLok/ or www.digidesign.com. This is proven technology that enables your authorizations to be portable and is very simple to use. For more information: http://www.ilok.com/.

Q: What happens if my iLok is lost or stolen?
A: As a safety measure we recommend that you purchase the "Zero Down Time" immediate replacement insurance for $30 from iLok.com.  Click on the BUY tab and the Zero Downtime link.  Eventide is not responsible for lost or stolen iLoks.

This page updated 09 June 2005