Eventide Anthology Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Eventide Anthology?
A:  It is a complete collection of our individual plug-ins.  See this summary for the list, and refer to the information on the individual plug-ins for specific data about each.

Q.  With which Pro Tools systems is Anthology compatible?
A.  Anthology is compatible with all ProTools Mix, HD, and HD | Accel systems running on Mac OS9, Mac OSX, and Windows XP.  Note that not all plug-ins will run on Mix systems, and maximum sample rates differ on each platform. Please see our Plug-In Compatability Table for more information.

Q:  I upgraded my Mac to OSX Tiger v 10.4 or higher and my plug-ins no longer authorize or show up in my plug-ins list, what is happening?  
  You must download the latest versions of all Eventide plug-ins that you own. These are wrapped with the latest version of Interlok which is approved for Tiger.  Also note that your ProTools must be at least version 6.9.2 to work with Tiger.

Q:  I already own a number of Eventide Plug-ins.  Can I get Anthology for a reduced price?
A:  Yes, there is a $200 rebate for owners of Digidesign Massive Pack or any Eventide Plug-in. 

Q:  I already own a number of Eventide Plug-ins.  I see from your compatibility table that they can be used on the PC, but mine only work with the Mac.  How can I get a PC version?
A:  The PC Version of the Clockworks Legacy plug-in is available as part of that plug-in bundle.  However the other PC versions (Reverb, Octavox, Band Delays) have only been released as part of the Anthology bundle.  You will need to get the Eventide Anthology for the PC versions.

Q:  I already own Clockworks Legacy (or another Eventide plug-in) and I want to upgrade to Anthology II.  I would like to sell my current plug-in privately since I will receive a new one in the Anthology and I don't need two.  Is there any reason I can't or shouldn't?
A:  No, there's no reason not to sell it.

Q:  I'm trying to run the Anthology Plug-Ins and and I'm getting an error message about a "missing DLL" on my PC.
A:  Some of the very early Anthology CDs had a mistake in the PC version (only) that "required" DLLs that perform no function.  Please download the latest version of the software and install it.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Q: We own the Eventide reverb (or other) plug in and would like to try the demo of Anthology. Are there any issues I should know about installing the demo?  Could it cause problems with our existing reverb plug in either during installation or at a later date if we chose not to pursue purchasing Anthology.
A: Anthology is a separate product with separate authorization, and is installed and removed on its own.  It should have no effect on the Eventide product you already own.

This page updated 09 June 2005