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VR320, VR240, and VR208HF Logging Recorders

The Eventide PC Remote Control kit provides the ability to fully control and monitor one to eight digital audio logging recorders from one standard PC with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, or XP.



All of the search, playback, record, and configuration functions that are available from the front panel of the logger are duplicated at the PC. The connection between the PC and the logging recorder(s) is an RS485 serial data link for control and a twisted pair for audio. The control program works as a normal Windows application.

The remote control kit contains an RS485 to RS232 converter, a remote under-the-monitor speaker, and application software supplied on CD. RS485 and the audio line output allow for hundreds of feet between the PC and the logging recorder(s). The software also provides for remote search, play, and live monitor operations from any touch-tone telephone.



Home Screen

All the program features are accessed by clicking buttons on this home screen. Play previously recorded .wav files from here by clicking the Wave Play button.

Remote Alarm

If an alarm condition, such as tape-full, is reported by the logging recorder a warning screen will automatically appear on the desktop. Open the Home Screen window for the alarm source.

Live Monitor

Simultaneously monitor any combination of up to four channels simultaneously. An asterix to the left of the channel descriptor indicates channel activity. Select and deselect a channel by clicking the channel select box next to the channel descriptor.

Search and Play

Search archive media or the internal hard disk by time, date and/or channel number. Select up to four channels to playback simultaneously. An asterix next to the channel descriptor indicates channel activity. Create .wav files during playback by clicking the Record button.

Record a .wav File

Creating a .wav file while playing a selection is as simple as pressing a button. The Record button that is. Choose to record up to four channels simultaneously. The "Enter Notes..." field is provided so a comprehensive description can be entered.

Event Recreation

Recreating events from previously recorded .wav files is fast and easy. Simply double-click on the relevent calls so they appear in the Build fields. Type a description to be stored with the compilation, then click the Build button.


Global system settings, channel descriptions, and record-activation parameters can be configured from the remote setup window.


This page updated February 2001
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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