Eclipse Demo Sound Files

Simeon Harris was kind enough to send us these sound files demonstrating a number of the Eclipse presets.  Each is an MP3 file whose name is that of the preset used to create it.  Enjoy!

allanchorus choralspace.mp3 electrofilters stereophaser.mp3
allanchorus2.mp3 crystalwash.mp3 fuzzpitch Tdelay4plex.mp3
ambiclouds cumulonimbus2.mp3 ghostingdelay vintageDDL.mp3
ambientgtr1.mp3 delay8plex instamagic warmflange.mp3
banddelays detune4plex mybloodyvalentine waterychorus.mp3
behindspace.mp3 detunedspace.mp3 quintillizer wormhole2.mp3
biomec2 diamondrain rhythmringers  
bouncingball.mp3 earthrise splattergtr  


This page created 28 February 2006