Argus Update: Getting the File - for Macintosh

Getting the File

The Argus files download in the PC "EXE" format. You will need a program called "Stuffit Expander" Aladdin Systems (800-732-8881). Earlier versions of this program would only "unzip" "ZIP" files but enhanced versions will also work with the "EXE" version which is a self-extracting archive.

If you are using Appletalk, it may be necessary to use the Chooser to turn Appletalk OFF before attempting the download to the Argus.

Select and download the Argus-update file by clicking here or here as an alternate. The downloaded file, of the form "XXXXXXXX.EXE", should automatically be converted by the Expander into a file whose name is of the form "XXXXXXXX.BIN". If the file is downloaded but not converted, locate the Expander on your hard disk and drag the ZIP file onto the icon of the Expander. This should create the BIN file.

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This page updated 08 May 1997, updated 05 October 2001

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