Wire Transfer Instructions to Eventide

You can send Eventide money using the following procedure. Please note that making ANY mistake in ANY of the numbers will probably result in the misrouting of your funds. If this happens, there is nothing we can do to trace them or recover them. Worse yet, there is very little you can do. So, please follow these directions precisely.

Send money to:

(Woops-the money people got nervous when I told them I was going to put all the numbers here. If you want to send us money, send us email and request the missing section.

To insure a smooth transaction, please adhere to the following:

All bank charges are for your account. We cannot be responsible for bank charges incurred with the handling of funds transferred to our account.


All payments must be made in United States Dollars.


All transfers must be accompanied by an invoice number, pro forma number, purchase order number, or some reliable method of identifying WHY you have sent us this money, as well as your company name. If we receive a payment with no identifying information, you can imagine how much effort we will expend trying to track it down.


YOU are responsible for making sure we get the payment. As mentioned above, we have no way of tracing something we didn't receive.

If any of this sounds forbidding, we apologize on behalf of the World as it is.

This page updated 01 March 2001
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